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So many opinions, so many arguments, so much anxiety, so many judgments. Some take it seriously, some do not.

Many people have anxiety regarding COVID-19, and rightfully so. This new "norm" is hard for many people to adjust to. Change is difficult for every one of us, and our world was turned upside down when all the sudden everything stopped. On the flip side, you realize all the trivial shit you used to buy that was no longer necessary. All of the sudden, you're appreciative that you can sit down at dinner with your family. Life is so busy

all of the time that it is hard to take time to be in the moment and enjoy what is around you. Your family, your home, your loved ones, all of it. We, as

 humans, take the small stuff for granted; like having a family get together, cookouts, etc. Going to a restaurant and enjoying a meal, getting your hair done, nails, etc. How exciting was it to go back to a restaurant and have dinner (outside only for me of course), but it is nice to have this luxury back.

It is okay to be anxious going into stores, it is okay to be anxious about getting COVID, but what is not okay is for your people to judge you because you are worried about it. If you are anxious about COVID, you are not alone. Don't beat yourself up over it because it is more common than you think. Seek a professional to help you through it.

The link below is a 5-minute video to help you with anxiety.


Be good to yourself!

Jennifer Kelley, LLMSW

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