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Me in a nutshell. *Language*

Here is the deal, I have picked so many niches, as a therapist, that I was driving my friends and family CRAZY. One day, my best friend said to me, "would you pick something already, you look wishy washy," and trust me, she had some tone! I appreciate the hell out of her for that. That offensive "no she didn't" kicked in for a split second, but she was right. I was being wishy washy. I was here and there and every freaking where. Do I want to go online? Do I want to rent my own office? One thing that I was sure of is that I wanted my own private practice. I was just indecisive about which niche to choose. The bottom line is, I have been through a lot of shit (who hasn't right?) in my 45 years of this life on earth, that I just didn't know which one to pick. Anxiety? Check! Self-acceptance? Check! Brain aneurysm? Unfortunately, check! So, the hell with it, I picked them all. Why not?! Again, as stated in my first blog, I am an imperfect human, and I am okay with that.

After receiving my master's degree, there was a part of me that was so conflicted (as stated in my first blog) about this professionalism that I had to carry. Yes, of course, I am a master's social worker, BUT, the fact is, I do not forget where I came from. I do not feel I am better or above anyone, ever. As a matter of fact, when I engaged in face-to-face therapy, I dressed a little down most of the time, purposefully. Why? Because I am not on this hierarchical level and I didn't want my clients to feel like that. I am simply a human being, who is there to help, with the education behind me. That is it. I am not better, I am not above anyone, and I am most definitely someone who is down to earth and easy to talk with. Of course, I have my limits and frustration with people, as everyone else does.

So, that is it. Me in a nutshell. If I offended anyone with my language, I apologize, but "this iz me," and that comes along with my territory, just not in front of the little ones. =)

Jennifer Kelley, LLMSW

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