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About Me

You will quickly find that I am extremely down to earth.  I pride myself in being a radically genuine therapist, and this is something I am passionate about.  I love to connect with people.  I love to help people.  I believe in full transparency.  By no means am I the perfect person, and this is what the "z" resembles in This iz Me.  We are all imperfect human beings and we have all been through shit, some more than others, but your story is yours.  I am confident in knowing that if we connect, you are going to feel better, but please let me put this out there are ultimately the expert and the decision maker in your life.  I supply the techniques, I supply the tools, the listening ear, but I cannot make change happen in your life or fix you.  It is your decision to want change.  Your desire to change must be stronger than your desire to stay the same.   Without the desire to want better, do better, choose better, we will not get anywhere.  I just simply want to help you with what I have learned in my education.  I went to college to educate myself to gain knowledge so I can help minimize the suffering that others go through.  I went to college to be a great support to others who need help.

Because I believe in being radically genuine, I feel that the best therapists are the ones who understand and have been through the same shit you have. All of my specialties, anxiety, trauma, self esteem, parenting, are all issues I have been through myself.  Everyone on this earth is a work in progress, including myself. ,, Therapist in Grand Rapids, Therapist in Lansing, Therapist in Farmington Hills, Therapist in Ann Arbor, Therapist in Canton, Therapist in Livonia, Therapist in Sterling Heights, Therapist in Taylor, Therapist in Detroit, Therapist in Mount Pleasant , therapy, therapist, anxiety, self esteem, CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mental health, Michigan, anxiety specialist, trauma, Monroe, , acceptance and commitment therapy, ACT. anxiety therapist near me,  Grand Rapids, Lansing, Farmington Hills , Ann Arbor, canton, Livonia, Sterling Heights, Taylor, Detroit, Mount Pleasant. Mental health therapist Therapy sessions Counseling services Depression therapy Anxiety treatment Trauma counseling Online therapy Relationship counseling Stress management Psychotherapy Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) Mindfulness techniques Coping strategies Emotional wellness Family therapy Individual counseling Teletherapy options M

I have an enormous amount of empathy for people, however, sympathy is excluded.  I have found that people do not want others to feel sorry for them, they just want people to 'hear' them, guide them, support them. ​


I pride myself having a great sense or humor.  I feel that laughing is sometimes therapeutic.  However, I do know there is a time and place for humor.  Some will say it us unprofessional to swear, but "This iz Me," and as stated above, I believe in being transparent and radically genuine.  Of note, if children are present at anytime, I will always respect my environment and the kiddos! ​​


Be good to yourself! ​


Jennifer Kelley, LMSW, CCATP

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