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The Mind

Our brains are so complex, and our thinking can sometimes be on auto pilot.

Here are some different types of thinking patterns.

The subjective mind:  

The emotionally-driven thinker.

You see, some people work/act from emotions and feelings, however, being conscientious that feelings and emotions are temporary, will help with some realization. Thinking about what you're thinking about is one way to help ease the reactive emotional response. It is work, it is repetitious, it takes time to change our thought processes, and we are all guilty in which we sometimes react out of emotion as opposed to rationale. I, personally, take a bit to think about things (not all the time, trust me. Human first!), before responding to someone who pisses me off. Why? Because I know that response is going to be nasty, and this is only creating a defense in the recipient, and when people are on the defensive, their rationale is nonexistent as well.

Side note: Anger is not a primary emotion, it is secondary. Anger is a response from something that lies within you, maybe something that stems from an experience, maybe something that stems from lack of control and power, maybe learned behavior.

The objective mind:

Concrete thinker.  Right or wrong.

Have you ever been around a person who constantly talks about their opinions in a factual manner, with no room to listen to others, and has zero motivation to understand other's opinions or thoughts? This is someone with an objective mind. Someone who is rigid. I am right, I do not care what you say, nor do I have the ability to think that what you are saying can be remotely correct. It is frustrating for people on both sides of this fence. The objective thinker is so frustrated that people do not follow their views and beliefs. The person having a conversation with an objective thinker is so pissed (subjective thinker) that this person does not listen, does not care to listen, and certainly does not want to understand. The objective mind also stems from insecurity.

The wise mind:

The perfect balance of objective and subjective.      

The wise mind is insightful, truth focused and understanding. The wise one listens, understands and does not allow another's opinion to cause that emotional reactive state. The wise mind allows people to be people, understands that we all think in different ways, has different views, and they move on. It is certainly difficult for some to get to the balance of objective and subjective, however, if you develop the consciousness that we are all different peeps, seek to understand, take the time to listen to others and their views and perspectives, it would absolutely be more peaceful.

Always remember that we are all a work in progress and imperfect human beings. It is the unique person that you are that makes you, YOU!

Be good to yourself!   

Jennifer Kelley, LLMSW


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